Ekaterina Kashirskaya

Ekaterina Kashirskaya was educated at Moscow State University, received her MSc at the University of Essex (UK) and further training at the European Graduate School of Child Neuropsychology in the Netherlands. She has established and managed a private consultancy centre in Moscow that provided different services for children with learning difficulties. She was a director of this centre in 1999–2014. Ekaterina has considerable experience working with bilingual children, developing teaching programs related to the acquisition of several languages, development of memory, attention and executive functions. Her colleagues and herself were also providing learning support for children with special educational needs. 

Since 2010 she is founder and managing director of "A walk through history" publishing house specializing in children's books, primarily nonfiction.

She is in charge of all the titles that are being published in the PH. Her responsibilities include managing the whole process and well as taking part in the development of the concept of future books as a child psychologist and neuropsychologist. Management process includes working with authors and illustrators, organizing and leading the team meetings, putting the goals for the editorial, marketing and sales teams, controlling the deadlines etc.

More than 50 unique titles were created during these years on various periods of history (world and Russian) and on other themes e.g. underground and railways, mathematics, football, biology, animal world etc. All books and games are designed with the help of professional historians and child psychologists in order to provide children with a genuine feel for a given historical era and to give them an opportunity to understand and participate in the events of that time. About 50 non-fiction children's books on different topics including science, math, palaeontology, ecology, environment etc. were also translated into Russian.


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